Blank White Cards: Photo ID, Membership, and More

Are you tired of being limited to just plain white cards for your personal or professional card printing needs? Brighten up your life and switch to Plastic Card ID's colorful blank plastic cards! Ideal for designing ID cards, membership cards, event cards, and more, our variety of colors will help you create unique, eye-catching designs. Plus, with priemark, Card Printer compatibility, you can ensure professional-quality outcomes for any purpose! In this article, we'll introduce you to our available card colors and inspire countless possibilities!

There's no need to settle for a simple white card anymore. With Plastic Card ID's diverse range of blank plastic card colors, you'll find the perfect canvas to personalize and create fantastic-looking IDs, membership cards, event passes, and more. Choose from White, Green, Purple, Red, Tan, Clear, Frosted, Cranberry, Orange, Grey, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, and Metallic Copper. Each color will bring life and personality to your printed projects!

As the most popular color for card printing, white plastic cards can match almost any design you envision. Their versatility makes them suitable for almost any type of printing, offering a sleek and professional appearance. Plus, they're the perfect choice for businesses requiring a minimalist and clean design.

Green cards are an excellent choice for businesses and organizations that value sustainability and have a strong commitment to the environment. This earthy hue represents growth, balance, and freshness, making it ideal for agricultural companies, farmers' markets, or eco-conscious events.

Purple cards radiate sophistication and creativity, making them an excellent choice for design-centric businesses or artistic events. This royal color is also perfect for children's ID cards, showcasing a fun and engaging tone that entices their young imaginations.

Red cards make a statement, commanding attention and standing out from the crowd. As the color of love, passion, and energy, red cards are perfect for special occasions, romantic events, or even VIP guest passes. Picking this vibrant hue will ensure your cards won't go unnoticed in any wallet or purse!

Convey a sense of warmth, comfort, and stability with tan cards. This earthy color works well for businesses in the hospitality industry or organizations hosting an event with a rustic theme. Choose this inviting shade for a cozy, down-to-earth vibe!

Clear and frosted cards offer a modern, cutting-edge look and feel. Perfect for businesses looking to showcase their creative side, these options provide a unique backdrop for your designs. For a one-of-a-kind look, print on the transparent portions or only the frosted sections.

Looking to add a vibrant touch to your cards? Cranberry, orange and yellow cards will add a pop of color that's perfect for food-related businesses, family-friendly events, or children's IDs. These fruity shades evoke feelings of joy, optimism, and enthusiasm!

Pink and grey cards create a calming, sophisticated, and soft aesthetic. Pink shades are perfect for businesses that cater to children or care-based organizations such as healthcare or elderly services. Choose grey cards for an elegant, timeless look and feel.

Blue cards emit a refreshing feeling, evoking tranquility and professionalism. With three different shades to choose from, you'll find the perfect match for your company or event. Light blue is ideal for healthcare services, medium blue conveys trust and loyalty, and dark blue represents strength and authority.

Black cards offer a sleek, chic, and contemporary design that suits any modern business or event. This versatile shade provides a bold, sophisticated vibe, and when paired with metallic accents or a pop of color, it makes a striking statement.

For a touch of luxury and glamour, choose metallic gold, silver, or copper blank plastic cards. These opulent colors are fantastic for distinguished events, premium membership cards, or businesses that want to showcase their esteemed status. With metallic cards, you'll be sure to exude elegance and sophistication.

Plastic Card ID's colorful blank plastic cards not only give you the freedom to express yourself but also ensure a professional result in printing ID cards, membership cards, and more. With our wide range of available colors, you'll find the perfect card and inspiration for every purpose. So why stick to plain white when you can let your imagination run wild with Plastic Card ID's colorful card options?